Polygonal Moose

Elch mit Format - zwei polygonal Elche aus Eiche und Walnuss an der Wand
Elch mit Format - Walnuss Freisteller
Elch mit Format - Eiche Freisteller

Polygonal Moose

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Polgonal Wooden Moose

Like a crown, the moose's antlers grow beyond its body, bringing it closer to the sky.
The antlers of moose are said to enable them to communicate with "other worlds".
are majestic but also mystical creatures, around which many stories and legends are centered. 
Quite exciting and quite a lot of room for your own dreams and inspiration.
Bring this modern, polygonal moose in your home – alone or with his other forest friends. He's sure to find a cozy place on the wall as a wall decoration or leaning against a shelf in your house or apartment.
The moose is even suitable as a Christmas decoration.

Width: 24 cm
Height: 24 cm

Available in 2 materials: Walnut or oak wood veneer on HDF, 4 mm thick. 

Which wood is right for me? Walnut veneer (darker) is light grayish brown to chocolate brown in colour. Oak veneer (lighter) is a straw-coloured light brown to a creamy beige colour. 

Scope of delivery: 1 wooden polygonal moose + double-sided transparent adhesive for easy wall mounting

Since wood is a natural product, small deviations in color or irregularities in the grain of the wood are possible. Each product is unique and Madame Wood products are not toys. Please handle with care.

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