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    Wreaths have always been used to celebrate all sorts of things: victories at sports games, hospitality in foreign countries. Wreaths are symbols of the cycle of life, of the merging and recurrence of beginnings and endings, of the change of time and the constant renewal of life. A wreath is a constant reminder of the immortality of life. There is a lot of positive stuff in the symbolism of a wreath – but we don't want to interpret so much into our design, you yourself decide which symbolism touches you! We just want to tell you with your name in our wreath that you are the center of attention for us and that we celebrate you! It's great that you are here!

    3 products
    Ires Namenskranz mit Farbbändern auf einem Regal in der Küche
    Maxime Namenskranz hängend im Mädchenzimmer
    Custom Wreath (with Ribbons)
    Madame Wood
    SAFARI Namenskranz Liam hängend an einer Wand mit Spielzeugen
    SAFARI Namenskranz Nora hängend an einer Tür
    SAFARI Custom Wreath
    Madame Wood
    Kleiner Kranz mit Farbbändern hängend an einem Schrank
    Small Wreath with Ribbons
    Madame Wood

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