Artist Spotlight

Madame Wood works with highly talented international designers. And of course, I love that they are all women. Let me introduce who, together with me, are behind custom wooden decor, beautiful natural art prints, unique design objects made of wood for the children's room and home:

Jill Mayer

Jill is the mastermind behind Art + Alexander. She has always been creative and free spirited, so a love of art was cultivated at an early age. For Jill, creating art is a marrying of passion and purpose and as such, is a dream job. She is married to her high school sweet-heart, Matt, and together they have three daughters, Ruby, Lily, and Ella. They live in Calgary, Canada.

Jill created the Forest Wonders Art Print Collection for Madame Wood.

Check her work out at:

Leandra Loeb

Leandra spent many years moving between Germany and the USA, which has heavily influenced her illustrations, which usually revolve thematically around finding a feeling of belonging and the wayward homes we stumble across within our lives. Leandra currently lives in Michelstadt, Germany.

Lea created the Dream Worlds Art Print collection for Madame Wood, as well as much of the branding.

Insta: leandraloeb

Kim Webb

Kim is a visual designer and artist from the prairies near the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Canada. Her background is in visual communications specializing in branding and graphic design. She enjoys working with companies and non-profit organizations to help them connect, communicate and intrigue their audience.
Her strategic process generates creative ideas and brings them to life from concept to reality. Recently, in concern for mental health during the pandemic she has started making gratitude journals for all ages at @rootsandwingsstudios. Roots and Wings aims to mindfully notice the good in the world while creating designs and experiences that helps improve overall well-being. Kim believes that design is more than something you can hold in your hands or view on a screen. It is an experience you can feel.

Kim collaborated with Madame Wood on several products including The Royals and the Polygonal Animals.

Aileen Wenzel

Creativity exists in many different forms and everyone carries it within them. Creativity became Aileen’s daily travel companion in life. She named her small business "Allpainter" because that's how she registered on every artist's platform, even as a child. She could never tell ahead of time if she was going to colour with crayons, draw with pencils, write with a pen, or spontaneously try her hand at clay sculptures. She wanted it "all"! Art is everywhere and she loves to pay attention to it.

Aileen collaborated with Madame Wood for the line art collection.

Natalia Patarroyo C.

Natalia is a proudly Colombian product designer. Since her childhood, she has always been in contact with the German culture, which led her to study in Münster, now her second home. This mix of cultures has made her the open-minded and multifaceted person and designer she is today. She enjoys witnessing the power that design has in our lives and she hopes she can do her part to make an impact through a career in design. Design may be imperceptible, but it is always indispensable. Next fall she will continue to add to her mix, this time with Italian culture as she begins her master's degree in Milan.