Madame Wood's Wood!

Beautiful design needs a good basis. Wood is the perfect raw material for the Madame Wood design world, as it also makes each design piece unique. Which wood exactly is used for the art objects, pictures, garlands, customizable name signs and wooden decorations and why, you can find out here.

The details 

I chose quality veneer due to its naturalness, beauty and superiority. I work together with reputable suppliers and hand pick all materials to guarantee the highest quality. Madame Wood’s veneer is wood that is cut in 0.6 mm thin layers of wood, thereby retaining the natural beauty from the wood. Veneer is obtained either by peeling the trunk of a tree or by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood. The appearance of the grain in wood comes from slicing through the growth rings of a tree and depends upon the angle at which the wood is sliced. The veneer is glued onto an HDF (high-density fiberboard) panel, ensuring stability and solidity. The veneer comes from Europe and the USA. 

The colours 

Walnut and oak were chosen for their discreetly elegant and classical effect.They combine well with all colours, materials, and interior design styles. Walnut veneer is light grayish brown to chocolate brown in colour. Oak veneer is straw coloured light brown to creamy beige.


Wood has a low impact on total energy use, greenhouse gases, air and water pollution, solid waste and ecological resource use. Up to seventy percent less energy is required in the use of wood compared with other materials. Using veneer extends the use of a piece of timber. The wood that might be used in one solid piece can cover a far greater area when used as a veneer.