More about Madame Wood

Madame Wood is designed and produced in Erbach, Germany. The company was born in a time of change and disruption – namely, the corona pandemic. Here’s more about how Madame Wood came to be:

After five years of being a stay-at-home mom and an intense four months of being home A LOT during lockdown, it was time for me to get out of the house! Our annual summer trip to Canada was cancelled and instead we took a roadtrip to Denmark. There I was inspired by the beautiful Scandinavian design, the concept of hygge, and the use of natural materials. After the trip it didn’t take long to decide that my business background, my affinity for beautiful things and the insane amount of energy I had bundled up inside were the fundaments I would need to start my own business. There was no question that wood would be my main material – I love not only the look and smell but also just love everything wood symbolizes. Uniqueness, vulnerability, versatility and sustainability. As much as I oppose the materialistic and commercial world in which we live, I also see value in producing beautiful things in a sustainable way. And as a mom, of course I'm always looking for beautiful things and inspiration for my childrens’ rooms. I love interior design but also don't like having too many things. This balance is important to me. And of course there is also the topic of gifts – I also love gifts but don't want to give just anything. A gift must be something special, something to keep forever and not just for the moment.  

As a child, my favourite book was “Miss Rumphius”, a glorious tale of a strong, independent woman who sought knowledge, beauty, and adventure in the world. Inspired by her family who had lived incredible lives and traveled to remarkable places, little Alice Rumphius set out to find her own adventure, but not before her grandfather charged her with one important task, “You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” And so, she did. After she went to school, saw the world, and had a successful career, she settled into her life by the sea and spread beautiful lupine seeds throughout the oceanside, thus fulfilling her promise to her grandfather.

Much like Miss Rumphius, I too am seeking my way to make the world a more beautiful place. While I might not spread flower seeds from a satchel as I parade through the streets and fields of neighbouring towns, I believe the beauty I offer the world is every bit as meaningful, every bit as touching, and every bit as eternal as the magnificent petals of the lupine.

I’m a modern-day Alice Rumphius, trying to do my part to make the world a more beautiful place in a sustainable way. But of course I don't do all of this alone. I have amazing and highly talented women on my side. More about them here