Rainbow Twirler

Rainbow Twirler, was wie eine Seifenblase aussieht
Rainbow Twirler Freisteller
Rainbow Twirler Freisteller Nahaufnahme

Rainbow Twirler

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Uniquely designed rainbow twirler with iridescent plastic strips. It trains dexterity, relieves stress, and is mesmerising to look at. The goal is to rotate the stick so that the plastic strips lift off due to centrifugal force and blur into a single object. The easiest way to do this is to rub the stick of the Rainbow Twirler between both hands. The result is a sphere that shimmers like a giant soap bubble in the colours of the rainbow. The twirler is sometimes called Soap Bubble on a Stick for this reason. A great gift for kids, especially for birthday party goodie bags!

Size: 20 cm x 7.5 cm

Suitable for (almost) all ages, but best from 4 years on. 

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